What is Strongman Training?

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Strongman training utilizes unorthodox exercises and implements like heavy sandbags, kettlebells, sled dragging, rope pulling, stone lifting, tire flips and farmers walks to build brute power and strength.


  • Strongman implements provide challenging grip strength, whole body tension, and real world applicable power.
  • Dynamic moves like sled drags, rope pulls, and tire flips build explosive triple extension power applying force against resistance.
  • Strongman exercises translate to improved work capacity, conditioning, muscle imbalances, posture, and athletic prowess.
  • Start with reasonable weights focusing on safe technique. Allow for longer recovery periods than normal lifting.


  • 60m heavy sled drag
  • Max rep sandbag clean and press
  • Axle bar deadlift

Related Terms

  • Odd object training, grip strength, work capacity, unilateral training

Common Questions

  • Is strongman training dangerous? When done intelligently with proper loading and safety precautions, the injury risk is low.
  • What benefits does strongman provide? Full body power, real world strength, grip strength, posterior chain, conditioning and muscle mass.

Do Not Confuse With

  • Powerlifting – Uses barbells for competition lifts – squat, bench, deadlift. Different focus.
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