What is the Bench Press?

chest press

What is the Bench Press?

The bench press is one of the most popular and effective chest exercises. It involves lying on a weight bench and pressing a loaded barbell up from your chest. The bench press primarily targets the pectoral muscles but also works your front deltoids, triceps, and supporting chest muscles.

How to Bench Press with Proper Form:

  • Lie on bench with eyes under bar, feet flat
  • Grip bar just outside shoulder width
  • Unrack bar over mid-chest, retract shoulder blades
  • Lower bar to mid-chest, elbows ~45 degrees
  • Press bar back up, straightening arms fully
  • Breathe out on exertion, in on release

Tips for a Better Bench Press:

  • Keep wrists straight and elbows tucked
  • Pull shoulders down and back to stabilize
  • Arch back slightly but keep head, hips on bench
  • Use a full range of motion
  • Touch bar to chest then fully lock out elbows

In summary, the bench press builds upper body strength and mass when performed through a full range of motion while stabilizing the shoulders and core.

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