What are Tri-Sets?



Tri-sets involve performing three exercises consecutively with minimal rest between sets to maximize metabolic stress and fatigue. They efficiently build muscle.


  • Tri-sets progress from the first exercise to the second then the third in sequence.
  • They allow heavier loading with shorter rest periods for greater overall volume and time under tension versus traditional sets.
  • Arrange tri-sets for opposing muscles like legs, back and chest or using upper/lower splits for balanced conditioning.
  • The combined metabolic demand burns additional calories while inducing muscular overload. Maintain strict form when fatigued.


  • Dumbbell bench press, lat pulldown machine, bodyweight squat tri-set
  • Cable fly, tricep pushdown, lateral raise tri-set

Related Terms

  • Supersets, giant sets, metabolic conditioning, muscle fatigue

Common Questions

  • Are tri-sets better than normal sets? Varying set structures periodically provides training stimuli while straight sets work fine.
  • How much weight should I use in tri-sets? Start lighter to allow completing all reps of each exercise as you fatigue.

Do Not Confuse With

  • Regular sets – Traditional sets with prescribed rest taken between exercises.
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