What Should I Eat Post-Workout?

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A post-workout meal or snack refers to the foods consumed after exercise to promote recovery, muscle repair, hydration and replenish glycogen stores.


  • The post-workout meal window represents heightened nutrient availability and absorption capacity for 1-2 hours after training.
  • Aim for easily digestible carbohydrates like bananas, sweet potato or oatmeal plus a fast-absorbing protein like whey protein.
  • Also rehydrate and rebuild electrolyte balance with coconut water or sports drinks. Anti-inflammatory foods aid muscle recovery.
  • Don’t wait longer than 45 minutes to replenish glycogen. Smaller snacks can be followed by a full meal.


  • Protein smoothie with fruit and greens
  • Grilled chicken with sweet potato and veggies
  • Chocolate milk and trail mix

Related Terms

  • Anabolic window, glycogen replenishment, muscle repair, hydration

Common Questions

  • What if I work out fasted? Still consume post-workout nutrition within an hour.
  • Does timing matter that much? Benefits are somewhat exaggerated but aim for consistent post-workout fueling.

Do Not Confuse With

  • Pre-workout meal – Consumed earlier to fuel upcoming exercise.
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