What is Resistance Training?

High Intensity Interval Training


Resistance training involves exercising with added weight or resistance provided by bands, cables, water, or bodyweight exercises like push-ups and squats. It builds muscle, strength and power.


  • Resistance is imposed through free weights, weight machines, resistance bands, medicine balls or leveraged bodyweight movements.
  • It stimulates muscle protein synthesis and neuromuscular improvements greater than aerobic training alone.
  • Aim for at least two non-consecutive days per week of total body or upper/lower split resistance workouts.
  • Lift challenging weights for low to moderate reps and multiple sets to drive strength and hypertrophy adaptations.


  • Barbell back squats and bench press
  • Suspension trainer rows and pull-ups
  • Dumbbell lunges and shoulder presses

Related Terms

  • Weight training, strength training, muscle building, hypertrophy

Common Questions

  • Is resistance and weight training the same thing? Essentially yes – they refer to exercising against added resistance.
  • What counts as resistance training? Any workout using weights, bands, cables, medicine balls, calisthenics that builds muscle and strength.

Do Not Confuse With

  • Aerobic exercise – Cardiovascular training like running, cycling, rowing.
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