What is a Mesomorph Body Type?

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Mesomorph is one of the three main somatotype body types, characterized by a medium, athletic build with muscularity and lower body fat levels.


  • Mesomorphs gain muscle easily and tend to be strong, broad-shouldered and narrow-waisted. Their metabolism is efficient.
  • They struggle less adding mass and definition compared to ectomorphs and endomorphs due to favorable muscle building genetics.
  • Many successful athletes and weight trainers are mesomorphs or have mesomorphic tendencies. They benefit from focused fitness regimens.
  • A combination diet with sufficient protein along with tailored training that accounts for their propensity to gain mass optimizes results.


  • A sprinter with visible quad, chest and arm musculature.
  • A fitness model with enviable shoulders tapering to a narrow waist.

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Common Questions

  • Do mesomorphs have to diet to stay lean? They can more easily stay leaner than endomorphs but diet still optimizes body composition.
  • What’s the best training for mesomorphs? Challenging compound lifts with some isolation exercises for definition.

Do Not Confuse With

  • Ectomorph – Lean slender build with difficulty building mass.
  • Endomorph – Greater tendency to store fat with a curvier build.
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