What are Hip Circles?

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Hip circles are a workout tool that add rotational and abduction resistance to hip strengthen and stabilize hip muscles like the gluteus medius.

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  • Hip circles are elastic bands that wrap around the upper thighs. The added tension challenges hip abductors and rotators.
  • Activate glutes and engage core while performing sets of 10-20 reps of lateral walks, monster walks, clamshells or other hip opening exercises.
  • Start with a light resistance band and progress to heavier bands as hip muscles get stronger. Combine with other glutes exercises.
  • Improving hip stability and strength helps prevent knee and lower back injuries and pain.


  • Mini resistance band hip circles
  • Heavyweight hip circles by Sling Shot

Related Terms

  • Gluteus medius and minimus, hip abductors, tensor fasciae latae

Common Questions

  • How tight should a hip circle be? Snug but not painfully digging in. Adjust based on band resistance and comfort.
  • When do I upgrade resistance bands? When you can perform 20+ reps without fatigue or compromising form.
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Do Not Confuse With

  • Ankle weights – Add resistance but don’t provide rotational tension.
  • Weightlifting belt – Offers lumbar support but no hip benefits.
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