Tempting Rewards: Discover 4 Weight Loss Dog Treats for Health


Keeping our furry friends at a healthy weight is one of the kindest things we can do for their overall wellbeing. However, with so many tempting treats on the market, it can be difficult to find options that support weight loss rather than weight gain. The good news is that more and more companies are formulating low-calorie, high-protein, fiber-rich treats perfect for dogs who need to shed a few pounds.

In this post, we’ll explore the connection between treats and weight management, discuss what to look for in weight loss-friendly treats, and introduce four top-rated skinny treats your dog will love. Let’s dive in!


The Connection Between Treats and Weight Management

First, let’s tackle some common misconceptions about treats. Many pet parents mistakenly believe that all treats lead to weight gain or that they should be eliminated altogether from a dog’s diet. However, this black-and-white thinking sets our pups up for failure. The key is moderation and understanding proper treat use.

Used judiciously, treats can be a powerful tool for reward-based training. They also provide mental stimulation through activities like puzzle toys and chews. This is important since boredom is a common contributor to overeating and weight gain in dogs.

The right treats should be considered part of a balanced canine diet, which also includes a high-quality kibble fortified with all the vitamins and nutrients dogs need. As long as we follow suggested serving sizes from manufacturers and veterinary recommendations, treats are an important (and delicious!) component of keeping dogs fit.

Key Criteria for Weight Loss Dog Treats

When evaluating treat options for weight loss, there are three key specifications to look for:

1. Low-calorie content: We want to limit excess calories that could lead to padding our pup’s waistline. Search for treats with 100 calories or less per serving. Going above that threshold can trigger weight gain.

2. High protein and fiber: These two nutrients help dogs feel satiated as well as provide sustained energy. Prioritize treats featuring meat, chickpeas, sweet potatoes, oats and other whole foods as main ingredients.

3. Limited fat and sugar: Too much of either can sabotage slim-down goals. Seek out low-fat treats without added sugars. Ingredient lists shouldn’t highlight oils, butter or sugary syrups. Companies may try to hide these under alternate names – read all labels carefully.

Armed with this criteria, let’s explore four top-notch choices for any dog working towards better health through weight loss.


Top 4 Weight Loss Dog Treats

Zuke’s Superfood Blend Bites

Zuke’s bite-sized treats pack a nutritious punch. Their Superfood Blend features dried cherries, turmeric root extract and ground flaxseed mixed with chicken and whole foods. These miniature nibbles contain less than 3 calories each while providing a powerhouse blend of weight-loss superfoods like protein-rich chickpeas, vitamin-packed spinach and sweet potato.

Pet parents describe these treats as the “perfect size for training” with an ingredients list that “you can actually pronounce”. Furbaby fans also love that Zuke’s is made in the USA which gives them “peace of mind” about quality control.

Blue Buffalo Health Bars

Blue Buffalo offers guilt-free treats for furry friends in need of slimming down. Their Health Bars for adult dogs provide a crunchy, satisfying chew packed with duck, chicken, potatoes, peas and carrots. These whole food ingredients provide a strong nutritional foundation. Each bar only contains 83 calories, making these chews a smart solution for curbing cravings.

According to many delighted dog parents, the natural flavor and crunch factor of these bars makes them irresistible to even the pickiest pups. One happy pet owner shares that their dog “loves these snacks” and “literally jumps in joy” when offered them, especially the chicken recipe.

Rachael Ray Nutrish Just 6 Limited Ingredient Treats

Rachael Ray’s ultra-slim Just 6 treats strip away unnecessary fillers to create a simplified yet delicious snack. Containing only 6 wholesome ingredients, these savory bites feature premium chicken combined with brown rice, ground peas, beet pulp, chicken fat and natural flavors. This careful formulation yields a treat with only 24 calories per piece, keeping tails wagging while protecting waistlines.

“My dog absolutely loves these,” says one satisfied pet parent who switched to help her dog lose weight. She loves that these mini treats allow her to provide something tasty while controlling portions. Other reviewers report even their most stubborn pups enjoy snacking on these tasty morsels.


Wellness Core Reduced Fat Dog Treats

As the name suggests, Wellness CORE Reduced Fat treats were created with weight loss in mind. These baked crunchy squares include premium turkey, chicken liver, wholesome grains and fruits like apples and blueberries. Every batch is carefully baked in small amounts to retain maximum nutrition. The resulting treats contain 70% less fat than the Wellness CORE original recipes while packing the same meaty flavor dogs crave.

Dog owners confirm their portly pups go crazy for these treats. One owner struggling with their senior dog’s weight gain saw excellent results after introducing these reduced fat rewards. They love seeing their aging pup engage in playful behavior again thanks to these slimmed-down yet totally scrumptious treats from Wellness CORE.

Tips for Incorporating Weight Loss Treats

The key to utilizing any treat successfully is remembering moderation. No matter how skinny the treats claim to be, overdoing portions can still trigger weight gain. Here are a few tips:

– Practice portion control: Pay close attention to suggested serving sizes on packaging. Start on the lower end before increasing slowly as needed. Investing in a treat pouch for easily grabbing one treat at a time can be useful.

– Combine treats with regular exercise: Don’t rely on low-calorie treats alone to produce weight loss. Pair treats with daily fitness appropriate for your dog’s age, breed and mobility level. Exercise burns excess calories while stimulating metabolism. Consider activities like walking, running, swimming, or playing fetch.

– Consult your veterinarian: As with any change to your dog’s nutrition or fitness routine, chat with your vet first to set realistic weight loss goals and create a customized plan. Track progress at regular weigh-ins to catch lapses early. Don’t hesitate to call your vet with questions or concerns.

– Store treats properly: To maintain freshness, store treats in a sealed container away from sunlight and humidity. Stale treats lose nutritional value.

– Mix up the flavors: To prevent boredom, provide a rotation of different approved treats. Just be sure to introduce new treats slowly to avoid tummy troubles.

Keeping our dogs fit and healthy takes diligence, patience and creativity. But small daily effort pays off exponentially in quality years shared with our beloved fur babies!



Supporting our beloved pets on their weight loss journey requires patience, diligence and plenty of positive reinforcement. Treats can and should be part of the process when chosen mindfully. Keep calories low by focusing on high protein and fiber. Combine scheduled treat times with regular exercise appropriate for your dog’s needs.

The four treats we reviewed today offer slimmed-down yet totally delicious options even the pickiest pups approve of. As always, work closely with your veterinarian to determine the best course of action for your dog’s unique needs. Small, steady steps towards better health yields big rewards like improved mobility, disease prevention and more quality years of snuggles with our furry best friends.

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