What are Kipping Pull-Ups?

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Kipping pull-ups involve using body swing momentum to propel yourself up over the bar, allowing for higher rep pull-ups.


  • Generating momentum by swinging the lower body helps lift you up to the bar. Absorb the motion at the top.
  • Kipping enables more bodyweight pull-up reps but removes tension from back muscles. Strict pull-ups are better for strength.
  • Common in CrossFit workouts, kipping lets you “cheat” extra reps when fatigued. But form errors risk shoulder injury.
  • Master strict pull-ups first. Use controlled motion both directions without excessive swinging or leg movement.


  • Butterfly pull-ups – A pull-up variation where the arms move in a butterfly motion, coming together at the top of the movement. Works the back, shoulders, and arms. Requires coordination and upper body strength.
  • Chest to bar kipping pull-ups – Explosive upward motion bringing chest to bar. A dynamic pull-up done using a kipping motion to generate momentum. The chest makes contact with the pull-up bar at the top of the movement. Works the back, shoulders, arms, and core. Requires coordination, grip strength, and explosive power.

Related Terms

  • Strict pull-ups, butterfly pull-ups, momentum

Common Questions

  • Are kipping pull-ups bad? Not if done right, but beginners should build strength first.
  • Why do CrossFitters kip? To grind out high rep sets metabolic conditioning but strict is better for strength.
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Do Not Confuse With

  • Strict pull-ups – Relying only on upper body strength to pull yourself up.
  • Muscle-ups – Advanced move going from pull-up to dip.
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